Please pick up your dog poo!

Please pick up your dog poo!

Responsible pet ownership

We aim for Palewell Common and Fields to be a pleasant place for everyone to use and as most know we have a variety of users from footballers, cricketers, children, adults, dog walkers both professional and personal.

There is sadly however an increase in dog poo being left on the ground, in an hour and a half I found 10 piles of dog faecal matter whilst walking with my children.

  • Please remember to take out enough bags with you when you go walking, I estimate it’s safe to say 2 per dog on one walk minimum.
  • If you are walking more than one dog please keep an eye on ALL of them, as it is too easy for some to wander off unseen and dog their business which is then left for others to come across.
  • If you do happen to run out of bags please ask someone else for a spare bag or even carrier or anything you can set your imagination to to make sure it is lifted and disposed of in the many bins designated around the Common & Fields.

I also find plenty of bags full of poo strung up on branches or just left on the ground, one of the main areas is the walk through between the allotments, please keep the bag with you until you find a bin to dispose of it.

If all else fails, Pistachios sell 50 poo bags for £2, so there really is no reason for anyone to be coming across dog litter anywhere.

We really appreciate your support in this matter.

The Friends of Palewell Common and Fields

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    An important message to dog walkers that use any green space in #EastSheen


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