Volunteering Success in March

Volunteering Success in March

We had excellent weather for our volunteering day.
Gina arrived with a couple of wheelbarrows and a few others kindly donated some for the day.  Gina also brought a couple of volunteers – Neve on work experience from Greycourt School and Nigos a volunteer from Barnes.
Richmond Council provided one large load of chips and Glendale a couple of others – so we were not short of material to spread.   We had 4 of our regular volunteers, 7 in all.
The dry weather meant that the worst of the muddy patches on the paths had started to dry out – but they still benefited from a good layer of wood chips.
We worked hard for more than an hour carrying many wheelbarrow loads of chips but without seeming to make much of an impact on the quantity of chips.  Gina then refreshed us all with some tea and biscuits and in the way of such things once we restarted we made more of an impact.
We filled up the two worst areas on either side of the alleyway down from Enmore Gardens – and a number of walkers congratulated us on improving the path.  We even enlisted a passing allotment owner walking home with his wheelbarrow to take a load of chips for us.
We all went home feeling very well satisfied that we had improved access to the Common and were well exercised.

We all look forward to seeing you at the next volunteering day, The Friends

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