Palewell Pond Vandalism

Pond Life

The Friends and members of the local community were shocked and distressed to discover last week that our lovely frog pond had been vandalised. For those who weren’t aware or haven’t visited this lovely tranquil spot in the Palewell Common woods, the pond was created by Richmond Council and the charity Froglife with the aim of creating habitat for frogs and other wildlife. The Friends, together with Nature’s Gym, planted pond-friendly vegetation around the pond last year which over time will develop and provide shelter to our frogs from predators. The pond is protected from water loving dogs by a wooden fence, and is currently teeming with tadpoles, much to the delight of local children.
Here is a picture of the destruction which mindless vandals inflicted last week- the fence knocked down and large logs and saplings thrown into the pond, crushing the developing vegetation.
 Palewell Pond Vandalised
Fortunately the Friends were able to mobilise a group of willing volunteers on Saturday, to clear the pond of the debris, rebuild the fence and restore this lovely part of the Common as the haven for people and wildlife that it should be. We were also delighted to bump into the lovely Klara and family who live on Enmore Gardens and had been so dismayed by the destruction that they had resolved to come and fix it before they were allowed their Saturday lunch! We want everyone to feel responsibility and ownership for the very special place that Palewell Common and it was heartening to know that the local community does. Photos of the fix-it team and the end result are below!
Palewell Pond Re-Construction Palewell Pond re-construction Palewell Pond re-construction
The next conservation morning will be on Saturday 2 July 2016 – we will likely be working in the woods and would love to see more new faces. Details will be sent out nearer the time, but please contact the Friends if you would like to know more.
Palewell Pond re-constructionFOPC

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