Wednesday 5th December – Volunteers Needed On Palewell Common For Some Gardening

Volunteers Urgently Needed To Help Out With Gardening Maintenance For Our Beautiful Space


The meeting point will be where the van is parked, which is usually by the tennis courts.  The TCV crowd are fairly knowledgeable and it is a lovely relaxed affair.

Work for as many hours as you can spare, tea and coffee will be provided.

It is advised to wear strong shoes and gardening gloves.

Wood chips will be deposited on the path in woods and we have been promised lots of wheelbarrows in order to help deposit this around the Common.  LBRuT and Friends have a plant budget so planting the scrape will also be on the agenda.  It will be a busy day and as many volunteers as possible will be welcome.  There is plenty of other work to be done in the woods manpower and time permitting.

Lots to be done, plenty of help would be muchly appreciated!

Both members and non members are welcome.

© The Friends of Palewell Common & Fields

Hard working boots
Hard working boots

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