Spring Newsletter 2015

Spring Newsletter 2015

Notes from the Friends of Palewell Common – Spring 2015

Wildlife and conservation

As Spring comes upon us we can see the results of the work of the Friends last year in planting more daffodils around the pond area. Not only are the established daffodils in the central area in full bloom but there are new daffodils in bloom – which we planted on the Hertford Avenue side of the pond. For now they look a bit sparse but we hope they will multiply and grow into the kind of rich display which we have in the middle of the pond.

Palewell Common & Fields frog pond
Palewell Common & Fields frog pond

The paths through the woodland have benefited from the woodchips we put down in the Autumn – although as usual the winter rains have created muddy patches in places. We are pleased to see native wild flowers growing in the woods from some of our previous planting volunteer days and we hope that our efforts in planting more wild flowers around the trees in the Orchard area on the playing field will be similarly successful. It is also good to see the way that the area around the new frog pond in the woods is getting more natural vegetation – we hope the frogs and other amphibian wild life will be attracted there.

We continue to discuss with the Council whether anything can be done to make the muddy area below the tennis courts more attractive – but no action has been taken so far.



The investment of the Friends and Council in extending the boules pitch on the dog free area has resulted in a real increase in use by the boules club and others. Please do take advantage of this free facility.

The work of Sheen Cricket Club to improve the cricket square continues and their re-seeding has resulted in a rich green growth on an improved and flatter pitch – while the fencing has ensured it has not been used for informal football matches over the winter.

Football remains as popular as ever and we have been fortunate with the weather in ensuring that play can take place most weekends. The Council is working to improve the back tennis courts – we hope that this will enable more tennis to be played over the summer. Our regular tennis coach Mark Chase has continued to provide an excellent service over the Winter for those who want to improve their play.

We have been disappointed that the usage of the Pitch and Putt course has not been growing and have encouraged the Council to put pressure on the contractor to build up usage

Community involvement

Fun on the pin the antlers on the deer stall
Fun on the pin the antlers on the deer stall

We are planning a spring event on the Common on 9 May to publicise the work of the Friends. Previous such events have helped us grow our membership.

We continue to take part in local consultations to ensure that the interests of the Common and its users are represented. We have provided some informal help to a group trying to establish a Friends group for Sheen Common and made clear that we are very happy to work with them on issues of joint interest.

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Monday 19 May in All Saints Church Hall. Look out for further information about it.

© The Chair, The Friends of Palewell Common & Fields

NB:  We are very happy to havevre-blogs & shares throughout social media, however, please link back directly to this blog if you are kind enough to do so and or our main website, the link being: http://www.palewellcommon.org.uk/

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